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What We Do

Who We Are


Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

Brainstorming is Ron’s business, so when he brainstormed a company devoted to the visual and creative needs he had served in various capacities in his professional life, he knew he wanted to make this brainstorm a reality. Ron’s life in the creative genre goes way back, but his most recent stints come from the broadcasting world. He served as Director of Marketing and Promotion at WSYX-TV, and as a producer/director and photographer for WBNS-TV before Brainstorm. He has gathered a group of talented individuals who contribute to the success of this company in their own individual ways.


Multi-talented multi-tasker

Whatever the task at hand, Bruce is the man. Bruce is our resident sponge. He absorbs everything that comes his way. A recent graduate of Ohio Northern University, he takes pride in his work and is always looking for ways to increase his knowledge. Bruce might produce your next piece, edit your next project, or assist on your production shoot. Wherever you find Bruce, you’ll find competent professionalism. The sky’s the limit!


Mr. Congeniality

Bruce’s warmth and humor add to his capabilities as Account Manager for Brainstorm. He is all about client relationships, and you bet you’ll be back if you learn about us from Bruce. Idea-oriented, with the thought processes of a good producer, Bruce helps clients determine what they want to take with them when they call their project done.

Bruce comes from a strong creative & sales background - most recently with Marcus Theatres’ IMAX film divisions and before that from the radio airwaves as a news director.



Mediocre becomes magnificent in the hands of Eric Penix. He’s our newest producer/editor who’s brought along his own bag of tricks.

Eric interprets clients’ needs and comes up with grand attainable visions for projects. Put your project in Eric’s capable hands and you won’t be sorry. In fact, you’ll be far from sorry! Before Brainstorm, Eric spent time editing for the Cleveland Browns organization, and did motion graphics and editing for Breakthrough Productions. Their loss is Brainstorm’s gain.


Blue Ribbon Quality

Our Emmy award winning editor, producer and sound engineer is Gordon Lash. Gordon’s got a great eye for visuals, and a great ear for sound. He’s the complete package when it comes to putting together a visual project. Gordon’s been with Brainstorm Media since its inception. Before that, he worked as a producer/writer, technical director and audio engineer for Columbus television affiliates WSYX-TV and WBNS-TV.


Illuminating Individual

Greg’s eyes light up when posed with a challenging lighting situation.

He’s our lighting guru and he knows how to light up a room – both with his knowledge and his personality. Greg also adds his talents as Brainstorm’s main still photographer. Add producing to his list of gifts, too. He has extensive experience producing commercial, corporate and political campaigns. We were happy to have Greg join us from the Media Group.


A Good Sport

When it comes to Brainstorm’s sports endeavors, Jen is at the helm.

She co-produces Buckeye Football Preview, a 30 minute show airing weekly during Buckeye season. On the basketball side, she not only produces OSU Women’s Basketball Coach’s Jim Foster Show, but serves as its host. Jen carries the ball at Brainstorm in other ways, too. She produces and writes a variety of projects, both short and long format. She also helps with the scheduling load. She does it all, with an easy temperament and a fun loving attitude. Jen started her career at WMUB, a National Public Radio affiliate located at Miami University, her alma mater.


Sound Judgment

The man who’s all ears at Brainstorm is the talented John Hetrick. John brings a wealth of audio experience, from recording, to mixing, to composing. He thoughtfully helps clients with all types of audio needs, from subtle background noises, to meaningful voiceovers, to fully orchestrated music tracks. Audio is his forte! John joined Brainstorm from Magnetic Studios.


A True Original

Not to be imitated, Matt brings creative projects to life from his graphics bag of tricks. To those lucky to work with him, he shares his magical talents and equally enchanting personality. Like a sculptor, he starts with a vision a lot like a ball of clay. This is his inspiration. From there, with the help of his clients and his Brainstorm partners, he molds that ball of clay into a complete work of art. He then glazes that finished piece with some programming and authoring, and voila!, the project is ready for sharing. Matt comes to Brainstorm from Cinecraft Productions in Cleveland, where he was a producer, editor and programmer.


Stew got his start in video while in high school by recording skate videos with his friends. Before joining us he worked in production for a North Carolina news station, as well as being a videographer for the ACC. More recently Stew was the Senior Promotions Producer at NBC-4 Columbus. He has a good eye for great shots and brings a lot of talent to the Brainstorm table.



Brainstorm landed a slam dunk when we landed Ron Price, who worked on digital scene planning for the animated feature film Space Jam. He’s edited other feature length motion pictures, as well, and brings his many gifts to Brainstorm. That might be enough talent for one person, but Ron’s creative expertise also includes producing, writing and editorial skills. Ron’s the man when it comes to all sorts of creative endeavors. Swoosh!


One Man Band

Will didn’t come to Brainstorm Media alone. He brought along his Columbus Documentary Group, which he founded. Will’s talents include shooting, producing, directing, editing, scripting and playing a mean round of golf – to name just a few. He welcomes large scale projects, which he coordinates as if directing an orchestra. Sure he’s a one man band, but he relies on the support of his background instruments—his cohorts at Brainstorm Media. The result: artistic masterpieces.

How We Work


  1. Customer Inquiry to Brainstorm Media Inc. (BMI) Account Manager – Whether originating from a client referral, incoming phone call, web query or personal meeting, your BMI Account Manager begins the process of determining your needs and marshalling the resources to develop an accurate cost estimate.
  2. Gather info – Your BMI Account Manager will coordinate with the prospective client regarding the goals and timeline for the project and proposed scope of work (SOW).
  3. Initial Price Proposal – Your BMI Account Manager, working closely with the production department, prepares an estimate based on the intended SOW. We always endeavor to propose a ‘not-to-exceed’ price, but ‘Option Services’ will always be notated, and any deviation from the estimate will be approved by both BMI and the client before proceeding beyond the initial estimate.
  4. Green Light – All the stars align and we are ready to proceed with your project! A BMI Producer/Coordinator is assigned to your project, and that individual takes direct control from this point forward.
  5. Script/Concept – Your BMI Producer/Project Coordinator works with the client to accomplish the following: create and finalize the script, scout locations and review talent needs (if any) and assign the remaining BMI team members.
  6. Videography – Whether on location or in our studio, your production begins to take a more identifiable shape as the principal photography begins. Crew members could include Producer, Camera Operator, Lighting Director and Grip, Audio Engineer, TelePrompTer Operator, Make-up Artist, Actors and extras.


  1. Graphic Design Artist - This is the individual who begins to define and coordinate the ‘look’ of your video production. Whether the graphic elements have already been determined, or if we are starting from scratch, the Design Artist helps everyone move forward on the right track.
  2. Imagery digitized: The ‘pieces and parts’ of your video project begin to get organized, as the following graphic elements are digitized electronically into our state-of-the-art editing system: logos, scanned photos, stock footage, existing digital stills and/or video.
  3. 2D/3D/Motion Graphics: Your BMI creative team may suggest ways to add excitement to your core graphic elements. These could be, but are not limited to, 2D or 3D movement (my once flat logo now spins 360 degrees!) or Motion Graphics.
  4. Audio Engineer: Sound and music elements are critical to a successful production. Your BMI Audio Engineer reviews the overall concepts, scripting, and images to work with the client to develop the most effective method to use voice-over, recorded sound from the location or studio shoot, and music to create a unique audio style. BMI audio recording studios include the area’s most up to date selection of licensed music in our library. We can also compose a completely custom jingle package, or music score for your production – all under one roof!
  5. Editor: As the various elements of your production begin to come together, it’s now time for the final editing process. At this point, all of the graphic and audio elements have been digitized into our edit system. Your BMI Producer has worked closely with you to determine which shots will be used from the ‘raw’ footage shot, and organized them in such a way as to continue toward completion. After a rough cut is viewed by the client, revisions are notated, suggestions are discussed, and the next round of editing is completed.
  6. Final approval and delivery: The work is approved, the final version is mastered, and the deliverable is, well…delivered. Whether the end product is a 30 second television commercial sent to a TV station, a corporate video that will inform and educate, a multi-media CD-Rom or DVD, and event production for an annual meeting, or any number of other possibilities, you can rest assured that the Brainstorm Media creative team has been pleased and proud to part of your production – and looks forward to the next one!


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